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10. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı

A2+ – B1 Seviyesinde 2017-2018 Konuları

1. Ünite School Life – Okul Hayatı
Exchanging personal information in both formal and informal language
Taking part in a conversation in everyday life situations

2. Ünite Future Plans – Gelecek Planları
Describing future plans and arrangements
Expressing one’s ideas in unplanned situations
Making oral presentations on a planned topic

3. Ünite Legendary Figures – Efsanevi Figürler
Describing past activities and events
Talking about sequential actions
Describing characters and settings in an event in the past

4. Ünite Traditions – Gelenekler
Describing habits and routines in the past
Making oral presentations on a specific topic

5. Ünite Travel – Seyahat
Talking about past and present events/experiences
Exchanging ideas and plans
Asking for approvals and/or confirmations

6. Ünite Helpful Tips – Yardımcı İpuçlar
Giving and receiving advice
Talking about rules and regulations
 Talking about consequences

7. Ünite Food and Festivals – Yemek ve Festivaller
Talking about national and international festivals.
Describing actions and processes

8. Ünite Digital Era – Dijital Çağ
Stating personal opinions in everyday conversations
Stating preferences
Stating causes and effects
Giving an extended description and detailed information about people/places/events

9. Ünite Modern Heroes and Heroines – Modern Erkek ve Kadın Kahramanlar
Talking about imaginary situations
Expressing wishes
Guessing meaning from the context

10. Ünite Shopping – Alışveriş
Making comparisons
Talking about different kinds of clothing and shopping
Describing objects, and people

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